the Industrial League


Updated January 2015

First game in 2015 will be on Saturday January 10th.
Teams #1 to 12 will play at 9:00am.
Teams #13 to 24 will play at 11:15am.
Teams #25 to 34 will play at 1:30pm

Please do not leave your knee or your hand on the ice after delivering a stone as it melts the ice and leaves a mark.

Pulling the next opponent’s rock from his rock rack is unnecessary and strongly discouraged.

For the last draw of the day, please return the score card and pencil to the draw master.

Please contact Craig Partington (League Scheduler) and Jasmine Menard (Draw Master) for changes to any scheduled game. For make-up games or a rescheduled game during an evening, your score card will be pinned to our board downstairs. Make sure you return it there after the game.

50/50 Draw:
This week’s 50/50 winner of $42.50 is ACT #2. This week's ticket sales were lower than normal. Please help and support the league by purchasing your 50/50 draw ticket every week. Thank you for your support.
Please purchase your 50/50 tickets before your game as the winner is selected while the last draw is on the ice.

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